QUALIATIK is a multimedia artist, producer, performer, and engineer preoccupied with the throughlines of science, psychology, and metaphysics. Drawing from their work in neuroscience, QUALIATIK is home to a distinct conversation between the concrete and intangible factors of existence.

Propelled by the project’s overall emotional intensity, QUALIATIK has been described as "addressing the traumatic collision between the material and the abstract, in wreckage between the psyche and embodiment” (Tiny Mix Tapes). Their feverishly introspective music seeks to generate a topology of the subconscious, pulling the thread which may unravel a listener’s internal framework to the point of articulation. The result is a dauntless breakdown of defenses: self-confrontation, lucidity, and vulnerability through the visceral urge of inquiry.

Self-taught and passionately DIY, QUALIATIK engaged in a 6-month self-booked tour of Europe and Asia in 2019 following the release of their debut EP "Discarnate" and its accompanying self-produced music video “Mother Tongue”. They are the co-founder of label/collective unseelie, and have accrued a long catalog of mixes as a standing resident of rinse.fm, where they feature a wide array of artists for guest mixes. In 2018-2019, they held a year-long curatorial residency, “Paracosm”, at NYC venue H0L0, where they organized biweekly events of experimental performances. QUALIATIK has also presented multimedia work through platforms such as Issue Project Room, MUTEK, creamcake (Berlin), and Cavallerizza Irreale (Turin, IT).


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