QUALIATIK is a multimedia artist, producer, performer, and engineer traversing the barriers between science, psychology, and metaphysics. Their feverishly introspective music envelopes the listener in a dynamic emotional world that pulls a thread from the subconscious and unravels the folds of all internal framework. The result is a dauntless breakdown of defenses, launching the listener into a dauntless state of self-confrontation and vulnerability.

Pulling from their background in neuroscience, QUALIATIK’s work is home to a distinct conversation between the concrete and the abstract, spinning silk only found in the ether of emotions through the structural dexterity of a deep desire to understand to the point of articulation. Their work embodies this dialogue, weaving a lucid and palpable tonal fabric from the abstract urges of the subconscious to frame a razor-sharp inquiry into the innermost depths of the psyche, much like elucidating the workings of the mind through science.

QUALIATIK’s passionately DIY, autodidactic approach finds them conceptualizing, creating, and executing every aspect of their work with an endless thirst for expression through new forms of media. This includes 3D visual accompaniment for their live show, virtual and augmented reality experiences, interactive computer programs, tattoos, and detailed, elegiac pen drawings that allude to the fervidly subconscious nature of their work.

QUALIATIK is the co-founder of NYC-based label/collective UNSEELIE, and hosts a biweekly DJ Residency at Brooklyn DIY venue H0L0, where they feature varied DJs and live acts from NYC and touring artists from across the world. They have produced a long catalong of mixes, and are a resident at Rinse FM, serving a firm nod of credibility to their vision as both an artist and tastemaker. QUALIATIK’s debut EP, Discarnate, was released on June 17th, 2019 via their own label, Psychoid Devices. Discarnate was preceded by an ambitious music video for the record’s single, “Mother Tongue” and accompanied by a lengthy tour of Europe and Asia on the heels of the release.