QUALIATIK is a multimedia artist, producer, performer, and engineer traversing the barriers between science, pscyhology, and metaphysics. Their feverishly introspective music envelopes the listener in dynamic emotional landscapes that pull a thread from the subconscious and unravel the folds of one’s internal world with a gentle vulnerability. Informed by an academic background in neuroscience and a preoccupation with technology’s role in the evolution of the human brain, QUALIATIK’s work has a distinctly transhumanist edge, with an empathic impulse that frames their inquiry as an incisive exploration of the human subconscious. “Ethereal, restless, and bursting with life,” QUALIATIK's work draws a sharp arrow inward, following its path toward the depths of the psyche.

Their passionately DIY, autodidactic approach finds them conceptualizing, creating, and executing every aspect of their work with an endless thirst for expression through new forms of media. This includes 3D visual accompaniment for their live show, virtual and augmented reality experiences interactive computer programs, tattoos, and detailed, elegiac pen drawings that allude to the fervedly subconscious nature of their work.

QUALIATIK is the co-founder of NYC-based collective UNSEELIE, and hosts a biweekly DJ Residency at Brookyn DIY venue H0L0, where they feature varied DJs and live acts from NYC and touring artists from across the world. They are newly a resident at Rinse FM, serving a firm nod of credibility to their vision as both an artist and a tastemaker. QUALIATIK’s debut record, Discarnate, a seven-track enfleshment of the noncorporeal self, is due out on May 31st, 2019 on their own label, Psychoid Devices.


࿏ 5/31 - qualiatik - discarnate EP release show w. eartheater, swan meat, deli girls, yatta, itsï, trnsgndr/vhs + more (nyc)
࿏ 6/13 - rinse x the pickle factory w. kilbourne, abyss x, felix lee, suutoo (london)
࿏ 6/22 - tremors at the glove that fits w. parma ham, metaraph, + more (london)
࿏ 6/28 - tremors pride, afterparty for harlecore x boiler room (london)
࿏ 6/29 - new scenery 2nd birthday w. dis fig, tygapaw, thegn, jasper jarvis (london)
࿏ 7/4 - softcore: kymera - mother tongue music video screeniing (berlin)
࿏ 7/6 - berlin berlin at egg w. lewis g. burton / inferno (london)
࿏ 7/6 - emo night w. organ tapes, lil emo, maya ricci (london)
࿏ 7/10 - dj mix live unizone radio (prague)
࿏ 7/11 - bliss x common contact w. deli girls + prison religion (vienna)
࿏ 7/13 - creepy teepee festival (kutna hora)
࿏ 7/17 - qualiatik live on bcaa system (prague)
࿏ 7/17 - qualiatik live interview on radio punctum (prague)
࿏ 7/19 - qualiatik, deli girls, prison religion, iku at exzess (frankfurt)
࿏ 7/21 - high heal in berlin: void session w. ange halliwell, bora, dj mantis, flagalova, tenderness, tendre ael (berlin)
࿏ 7/26 - polivalents at hangar org (barcelona)
࿏ 8/17 - raveality bunker rave w. hdmirror + more (krakow)
࿏ 8/23 - genome @ mono house (nanjing)
࿏ 8/24 - genome @ all (shanghai)
࿏ 9/20 - audiosexual (tokyo)

qualiatik presents: paracosm - h0l0 dj residency - every 2nd and 4th sunday
࿏ 5/27 - paracosm live on the lot radio w. cecilia + sharp veins
࿏ king vision ultra, ideal, nar, free at last (nyc)
࿏ unseelie nye rager w. gatekeeper, yen tech, no bra, embaci, 7038634357, +
qualiatik presents: organismic potentiality - h0l0 dj residency 2018
࿏ simulation crash halloween rave w. rabit, prison religion, ledef, paul marmota, +
࿏ secret project robot super friends w. eartheater, macy rodman, papi juice, +
࿏ unseelie pt. 7 w. guayaba, casey mq, skyshaker, dj name (nyc)
࿏ pictureplane, julien andreas, skin melt @ ceremony (nyc)
࿏ creepy teepee festival (kutná hora, czech republic)
࿏ melting point immigration benefit w. physical therapy, lsdxoxo, kilbourne, + (nyc)
࿏ suoni per il popolo w. chino amobi, moor mother (montreal)
࿏ elsewhere w. aïsha devi + eaves (nyc)
࿏ everyday ago & halcyon veil present: bruit blanche w. city, jesse osborne-lanthier, kazuki koga, valeda (montreal)
࿏ bambi's w. casey mq, viscera, dasychira (toronto)
࿏ monarch w. rui ho, anni nöps, dasychira, torus (berlin)
࿏ gambetta club w. detente, my sword, dj ouai, torus (paris)
࿏ in dada social w. dasychira, idklang (vienna)
࿏ umbra no 5: lost lands hype fest w. dasychira, shattered form (copenhagen)
࿏ sexyland w. torus, kareem lotfy, dasychira (amsterdam)
࿏ unseelie pt. 2 w. no bra, organ tapes, debit, 7038634357 (nyc)
࿏ unseelie pt. 1 w. motion graphics, sentinel, dasychira, embaci (nyc)
࿏ sur back ep release w. nightspace, fielded (nyc)
࿏ cube w. virgo (art basel; miami)
࿏ satellite art show official afterparty (art basel)
࿏ one winged angel w. city, js aurelius (vancouver)
࿏ customs w. guayaba, estoc (seattle)
࿏ cybersonic LA w. house of kenzo (LA)
࿏ rosebud w. ariel zetina, itsï (chicago)
࿏ sunnyvale w. teengirl fantasy, adr, sentinel, dasychira, falty dl (nyc)
࿏ kitty (record release) (nyc)
࿏ deepak chopra's science of consciousness conference (san diego)
࿏ gorilla vs. bear texas summer festival w. jessy lanza, youmi zouma, dj taye, kedr livanskiy (austin, dallas)
࿏ fader fort sxsw 2016 w. drake, kelela (austin)
࿏ iheartcomix x mad decent sxsw showcase w. ho99o9, frankie rose (austin)
࿏ on the sly sxsw showcase w. jlin, celestial trax (austin)
࿏ via festival hoko x planet mu showcase w. rp boo, salon & cough (pittsburgh)